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E-Commerce Management Solutions Background - Poieo Dev

E-Commerce Management

Are you based in Newberg, Oregon and looking for help with your E-Com store? Are you struggling to keep up with orders, customer requests and emails, website maintenance, SEO, and integrations?

If you answered "Yes"...

You've done an INCREDIBLE job of building your online store, advertising it, and making sales. Congratulations! We know it's exhausting, but this is such a great place to be.
And we can help, right here in Newberg!

We Help With...

  • Keeping the website updated and secure
  • Improving SEO and Website Performance to attract MORE customers
  • Manage integrations with CRMs and other tools for customer outreach, re-marketing, abandoned cart recovery, etc.
  • Bring your website design into the modern era
  • Answering common customer requests and questions
  • Connecting and maintaining software connections with drop shipping platforms
  • Integrating TikTok Shop, Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop, Google Shop, Etsy, Amazon, and More.
  • Everything else Website related, so you can focus on product development and fulfillment!

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After 1 Year, You'll Have...

  • An incredibly powerful, beautiful brand new e-commerce website.
  • Extremely optimized SEO and Performance.
  • A mostly automated website that can handle most things so you can focus on product growth.
  • Customer requests and emails caught up and processes built to automate many of these requests and emails.
  • A well-oiled customer pipeline for sales, marketing, outreach, recovery, and re-targeting*.
  • Integrations with every possible social media shop to increase exposure and customer sales*.
  • Integrations with Amazon and Google Shop*.

Some of the E-Com stores we are entrusted with...

Scandish Home Client - Poieo Dev
Youth Pastor Co Client - Poieo Dev
Multiply Curriculum Client Image - Poieo Dev
Artisan Pianos Client - Poieo Dev

We Might Be a Good Fit if...

  • You are overwhelmed with product demand and don’t have time to answer emails or keep the website maintained
  • You’re tired of stagnant sales and want to boost your e-com growth.
  • You need help with properly connecting integrations, such as product fulfillment, hubspot, marketing software, etc.
  • You bootstrapped your e-com store and now you want an affordable, powerful store.
  • You have a great product with proven sales but struggle with building a website to support it.
  • You struggle to know things like average customer spend, annual revenue, product profit, custom acquisition costs, etc.

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